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Jun 2012
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Phallosan Review – Don’t Buy Phallosan Before You Read This!

Just like many other penis extenders available on the market, Phallosan also offers you similar method using the traction to make your manhood enlarge than now. By stimulating the cell replication growth, this male enlargement product will give you the result that can be used as a more comfortable way instead of getting through surgical method.

Phallosan traction is so comfortable and flexible to be used anytime anywhere. You don’t have to worry people will see you during the time of using this material because it will not be noticed. Unlike many other products that are potentially noticeable because of the way it sits on the shaft and there will absolutely give the user some uncomfortable feeling, not to mention that the product will not be flexibly used in many kind of events because of its impracticality. When you use Phallosan device, you will get a different experience of using a penis extender because it is designed with soft and safe belt that can be comfortably used without being visible under your clothes up to 12 hours.

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Phallosan is a medically proven vacuum protector system, which can effectively give you a good result on not just penis enlargement but also penis straightening. The method will actually give you more self-confidence to have a better life and quality sex that you can give to your partner. Phallosan has also been categorized as a Class I medical product by European Health Authorities. That means this product brings satisfactory medical requirements and carries the CE mark of approval. Therefore there is no reason to be worry of using this product!

How Phallosan works

Phallosan gives you two unique combination of getting your penis enlarged, by traction and by vacuum that you can use together to support on the best result. The main principle when you use Phallosan penis extender is that the tool will stimulate your penis tissue to form new cells with comfortable vacuum and belt that you can wear without any inconvenience every day and night.

First you need to apply the stretch condom over your penis head before rolling down the extender to your shaft. Then rapped the latex sleeve around lower part of your penis to prevent air goes inside the condom.

The next step is to insert the penis into a foam rubber covered-loop and secure the steps with the belt. The belt can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable measurement based on your body and the components of this material are so easy to clean. You will also get the video tutorial from Phallosan to make the instruction more clearly during your first time use of this penis traction. Make sure that you switch the direction to pull every two days to stimulate your penis stretch, multiply the cells, divide them into new ones and get the best result you have always wanted to.

Important reasons to buy Phallosan

Many people who are considering buying a penis extender may find it confusing when they go online and find that so many products are being offered. Don’t fall for regular products, as they may just leave you with disappointment of wasting your money and time for no good result at all! The important reasons of why you should buy Phallosan are because:

  • This is a great penis extender that can be used for anyone, any kind of age and penis size.
  • You will feel no discomfort or pain during the use of Phallosan and you can give simply use it wherever you want to go with your every day activities without losing your self-esteem because it is being invisibly secure under your clothes.
  • The enlargement result is permanent! Phallosan has this orthopaedic system patented where you are not only getting your penis enlarges but also the glans that will get the effect from the vacuum that encompasses the whole penis during the utilising product. The habitual utilization will give you the most significant effect of length and girth from this penis extender while the everlasting result will bring you to the new stage of a happier life.
  • With such an affordable price, Phallosan will not be the fault product you choose for the result you have always been wanting for without really going through the high risk and expensive surgery.


The Phallosan manufacturer is the company with great reputation and professional experience in the making of penis extender. Instead of giving the customers old style of penis traction product, professional researchers are making their path to always give surprise and exciting product for men customers by creating the best male enlargement and male straightening product called Phallosan. The product has been safely tested therefore you can leave all your worries behind.

The best thing about Phallosan is that you can also get a two-year warranty for the product you buy. To make it a wrap, this penis extender is an easy to use product with comfortable practice that will make great correction to your penis.

The research group from age 20 to 68 years has given the report of increasing penis up to the average of 1.9 inches during their 6-month period of using Phallosan with the additional proven result of the longer users use the device, the more improvement they get from the traction, with the additional result of getting a better erections and higher libido level. So, what else are you waiting for? Buy Phallosan product today and start improving your life with self-confidence right away!

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Nov 2011
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